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This was the first time when a form of media was "broadcast" to a wider audience.

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Technological convergences changes the experience consumers have with traditional media. The person who conveys the message to another person is known as a sender.

With the advent of digital information systems and the Internetthe scope of publishing has expanded to include websitesblogsand the like. Means of public communications refers to the development of technology and mediums of communications. Agenda Setting: People are influence in how they think about issues due to the selective nature of what media choose for public consumption.

Adam Curry and his associates, the Podshoware principal proponents of podcasting. This theory states that audience members play an active, rather than passive role in relation to mass media. Social Media are Internet sites where people interact freely, sharing and discussing information about each other and their lives, using a multimedia mix of personal words, pictures, videos and audio.

In About. Microblogging is another type of blogging which consists of blogs with very short posts. In other urban centers, alcohol and tobacco billboards were much more concentrated in African-American neighborhoods than in white neighborhoods.

Magazines fall into two broad categories: consumer magazines and business magazines.

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Introduction to Mass Media/Introduction