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REST concepts are referred to as resources. Overview: Client-side web APIs Next First up, we'll start by looking at APIs from a high level — what are they, how do they work, how to use them in your code, and how are they structured?

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It is a set of rules that allows one piece of software application to talk to another. The code then echoes the XML node for the marker in each row of the table for each location. We pass this connection to the Product class. Something to keep in mind when working with observables is that they look like regular variables, but they are objects. The version can be used on every block, also on inherit blocks. It also has one event handler that connects to the Add Task button. The ko. We know the response will be successfully returned and available after the load event has required unless an error occurred , so we save the response containing the returned JSON in the superHeroes variable, then pass it to two different functions for further processing. We'll also take a look at what the different main classes of APIs are, and what kind of uses they have. Twitter, Facebook that allow you to use some of those platform's functionality in your own web pages for example, display your latest Tweets on your web page. Third party APIs are not built into the browser by default, and you generally have to retrieve their code and information from somewhere on the Web. In addition, some WebAPIs request permission to be enabled from the user once calls to them are made in your code. For example, you might draw shapes such as rectangles or circles, import an image onto the canvas, and apply a filter to it such as sepia or grayscale using the Canvas API, or create a complex 3D scene with lighting and textures using WebGL.

Create a new file in a text editor and save it as index. Let's write a mock ViewModel that can interact with our view.

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We happen to know that these work, but in a real life situation we have to prompt the user to provide his own credentials. We also have two variables that record the login information, which for now we are setting to values that are known to work we will improve on this later. The last change is at the bottom of the class definition, where the actual request to the REST server is made. Create product folder. You will see that the two example tasks in our Model were automagically rendered to the page, and that all the buttons are active. You get bonus points if you add a "Remember Me" checkbox to the login dialog. This directive tells Knockout to bind the title variable to the text of the element. Create config folder.

This is a Javascript object that will hold the bindings between the models and the views, and will also include the event handlers for user generated actions. We need to add this read method. Last updated June 4, Click "raw".

It also has one event handler that connects to the Add Task button.

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The code then echoes the XML node for the marker in each row of the table for each location.

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