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My school atmosphere is very pleasant and school environment is very clean and attractive.

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I am proud of my school. The building of School is old but well maintained. Every year hundreds of students of my city apply to get admission in my school, and few are selected. They serve a nation. It has a beautiful building. My school also arrange a sports week for students. They prepare the way for national progress. Teachers are so dedicated for their work with love and care the students without any kind of discrimination and ensure the growth of every student. My school has two small green gardens near to the main gate where lots of colourful flower beds, grassy lawns, fruits trees and two beautiful showers. My school is immaculate and tidy. T, Maths, English, Hindi, G. Many inter-school tournaments are played in our big ground and students participate and enjoy them.

I love to be a part of my school. There is no discipline are any other issues. He loves to wear formal dress and comes to school on his car. There are two thousand students in our school. My school also takes part in various extra curriculum activities like sports, quiz competition, speeches etc.

My school principal is very strict about school discipline, hygiene and cleanliness.

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Without education, progress is a daydream. These My School essay are written in simple language, with facts for effectiveness. He loves to wear formal dress and comes to school on his car. Teachers in School are excellent. Extra-Curricular Activities Many kind of extra-curricular activities are held in my school with the studies. It has a big and beautiful building that looks shiny from far away. I can give a reason for that. As soon we reach we line up for attending the assembly. Methodology and experience of my school teachers are far from all other teachers in the city. Schools provide a learning environment conducive to growth and development.

My school has strict norms of study, hygiene and uniform. As soon we reach we line up for attending the assembly.

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The school has a well equipped library, a well- established science laboratory and an excellent computer room, all of which are situated on the third floor.

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