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Hi Curbie: Good to see everything worked out for you. Still curious as to why you can't just use your old XP disk and use the new key though. Give it 64 MB of video. First, as usual, in VirtualBox, create a new virtual machine and call it "Windows Whistler Build ". It's certainly installed from the OEM disc OK, and seems to be working, but I've not attempted to register or perform any updates yet. I use Virtual Server R2. VirtualBox can also connect to iSCSI targets and to raw partitions on the host, using either as virtual hard disks. The main PC I used to use for work in my home office, an old Fujitsu-Siemens Esprimo, recently had its motherboard fried. To create a snapshot, click the Machine menu while the virtual machine is running and select Take snapshot or use the Snapshots panel. Without question, you've been the most tenacious and determined new user I've ever helped out on these forums and you deserve the success. Updated July 12, , am EDT VirtualBox is packed with features that you may have never used, even if you frequently use it to run virtual machines. Thanks to all that helped, this was a very important piece of of my configuration puzzle. You must use the F10 option listed in the Keyboard drop-down menu that is available at the top of the Remote Console.

I tried once to use my Restore disc in a different brand computer and it immediately knew that it was from a another manufacturer so it must check those strings first. Thanks for your help. Until then, I will continue to take advantage of the MS support I've already paid for. I'll write up, post my solution, and close out this thread when I this fully set up.

For future reference, here's the batch file I used to the get the ball rolling.

vagrant change date

Bridged networking via a host network adapter or virtual networks between guests can also be configured. Data in this format are stored in a single file bearing the ". VirtualBox supports some guests including bit guests, SMP guests and certain proprietary OSs only on hosts with hardware-assisted virtualization.

virtualbox disable time sync windows guest
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How do I manually set the system time in VirtualBox?