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The test was originally developed by Edward Glaser and Goodwin Watson, and was devised as a method of assessing those critical skills required to think in a clear, well reasoned and structured manner.

A subsequent list of possible inferences will follow, and candidates will be asked to rate if they are true, false, possibly true, possibly false or whether it is not possible to say based on the information in the passage. Take a Free Practice Watson Glaser test If you would like to practise a simulation Watson Glaser test, please try the one below, which was created by JobTestPrep in association with psychometric experts, and is closely modelled on real tests.

Rushing through a critical thinking test may lead to candidates missing key points, and answering incorrectly as a result. Critical reasoning tests are not tests of what you think; they are tests of how you think.

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The best place to get advice on taking a critical thinking tests is the test publisher's website, for example this one for the Watson Glaser. Today, Betty is an undergraduate student, living far away from home.

It is not unusual for candidates to be asked to complete a situational judgement or personality test in addition to the critical thinking assessment.

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Free Practice Critical Thinking Test