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This offered the now slightly-older Doug crowd a similar experience, but with the kind of dry sarcasm they'd need to survive high school without going insane. The intelligence depicted in numerous cartoon characters was often propelled by an external factor. Advertisement 9. But unlike Rocky and Bullwinkle, the legacy of the Loony Tunes has become so deeply ingrained in societies collective memory that few people can go through childhood without knowing and loving Bugs Bunny and the gang.

He's able to remember everything including the universeits also said that time when its deleted or Destroyed. StumbleUpon Cartoons have stormed the entertainment fraternity with its amazing animated characters and their silly yet astounding actions.

For example, when Squidward is home all alone, Patrick invites him to go camping so he is not alone.

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Also, when Squidward was happy about starting a band, Patrick joined so Squidward could start it. This led to a wider concept of teamwork and management.

As time passed by cartoons and animations have witnessed tremendous progress and gradually intelligent cartoon characters came into existence. Skips is known to be the strongest and Smartest character in the serious and of course the wises character in the park.

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Peabody is recognized as the smartest person on Earth, and earns bonus points for accomplishing this feat as a canine.

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11 Of The Smartest Cartoon Shows In Animation History