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Source: Thinkstock While hospitals, small practices, and larger healthcare systems are known for saving lives and treating patients, every healthcare organization needs to develop successful processes and policies for staying financially healthy. Contributor s : Alex DelVecchio and Kristen Lee Share this item with your network: Revenue cycle management RCM is the financial process, utilizing medical billing software , that healthcare facilities use to track patient care episodes from registration and appointment scheduling to the final payment of a balance. First, patients are facing a growing financial burden while their ability to pay is decreasing. Hosptial Revenue Cycle Within a hospital, the traditional revenue cycle begins with contracting. It is especially important that providers verify insurance eligibility during pre-registration to ensure that insurance companies will reimburse the healthcare organization for medical services provided. A customer who proceeds along a revenue cycle often touches on different areas within a company -- for example, a sales team, a fulfillment team, a customer service representative or a merchandise return clerk. Improving communication during patient intake pertaining to coverage eligibility can assist with payer coordination, claims reimbursement, and may improve payment collections.

Uzialko Adam C. It is critically important to monitor denials on a daily basis in order to identify how much of denial ratio is generated from these clerical errors so that both training and education can take place with the appropriate staff within the registration department.

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Increased transparency during a single encounter with a patient is not enough—providers should focus on their overall relationship with each patient. That is where healthcare revenue cycle management comes in.

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As a first step in addressing these challenges, providers will need to establish platform interoperability across their full portfolio of locations.

An efficient RCM is made up of a team of educated professionals along with the needed aid of billing software. Claims submission: The coded bill is sent to the appropriate payer, typically through a clearinghouse.

That for-profit enterprises need consumer revenue to thrive marks a sentiment best characterized as "blindingly obvious.

Revenue cycle management

At the same time, most are experiencing significant increases in costs associated with the revenue cycle. This goes for both the providers and the patients. Much of the revenue enters the successful stages right at the beginning when a patient comes in to receive care. The Revenue Cycle Management Flow Chart When the administrators remove any obstacles in way of the revenue cycle management process, it puts claims on the path of first-time acceptance. Long waits for billing and claims to be processed for provider payments may result from claims denied due to insurance eligibility issues and the increasing efforts to combat healthcare fraud and abuse. Another concern providers are faced with is the cost of such outsourcing. RCM is a process that takes care of the financial cycle management. The Certified Revenue Cycle Professional CRCP , is intended for mid-level personnel in supervisory roles with at least two years of experience or an educational waiver. Phase Infinity To stay on the brighter side, the documentation activity must go alongside practical realizations. From revenue cycle management to revenue excellence Articles Technology and payment trends are reshaping the revenue cycle. Digitizing and automating for both effectiveness and efficiency.

An indispensable ally of the feline race, Adam is owned by four lovely cats. In fact, benchmarking has become so significant that the Healthcare Financial Management Association launched its MAP Award in to recognize hospitals that have fine-tuned the entire revenue cycle relative to peer institutions.

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From revenue cycle management to revenue excellence