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The core teachings of every religion -- for example, the teaching to love one's neighbor - are essentially the same, and we submit that they reflect one universal truth. In Central Asia a combination of authoritarianism, Islam, and nationalism has created a toxic mix in such nations as Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Tajikistan. How can religious dogmatism be banished from human minds and hearts? The starting point is to realize the tragic reality of an intolerant and violent world. In its latest annual report, the group Open Doors figures that million Christians were subject to high levels of persecution. I personally believe the differences are in the details and you know what they say about the details: "the devil is in the details. The report also noted legislation by some states to ban "sharia law", or prevent construction of mosques. This would be a demonstration of our respect for them more "modeling" of tolerance toward them. They are not aware that many religions share the same basic ideas.

And it operates as a sort of canary in the mine internationally, highlighting societies prone to intolerance and violence. Attacks on members of religious minority groups in Sri Lanka, including Hindus, Muslims and Christians, are nothing new.

Sadly, it has begun to rear its ugly head in the West, too.

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But for Britons and liberals everywhere to deepen their commitment to liberalism and pluralism, they must recognise persecution within all groups, including religions; and know that if they fail to provide a meaningful voice to religious, geographical, gender and ethnic diversity, they will fail to live up to their most cherished values. Post cereals, or Honda vs. It is often noted that teaching tolerance has to begin at home, with the parents. In this way we can start a dialogue and, in time, a bit of our own tolerance may rub off on the other. The United Nations upholds the right to free expression of religious belief in articles and 18 and 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights while article 2 forbids discrimination on the basis of religion. Some observations Why do people of different religions seem to hate each other so much? Finland , for example, has the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland and Finnish Orthodox Church as its official state religions, yet upholds the right of free expression of religion in article 11 of its constitution. The totalitarian state is in the news for its nuclear program, but also is inhospitable to religious belief of any kind, especially Christianity. I can think of several ways to deal with intolerant adults: For one thing, we can model more tolerant attitudes by our own actions and the words we speak.

Shulman Religious Intolerance: Causes and Solutions. It remains to be seen what will come of the ongoing investigations into the bombings, the perpetrators and any international links they may have.

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State Department. An essay donated by Laura E. National outbreaks often have international connections. Jews, by contrast, experienced social harassment in many more countries than they faced government harassment. In the past, the MCB has declared Ahmadis non-Muslim and refused to call our places of worship mosques. We can start out with "did you know that In Europe only Russia fared worse. The following day, retaliatory vandalism and other assaults were reported around Sydney. In January the leader of the neo-Nazi Australian Nationalist Movement was connected to incidents in in which several Asian-owned businesses and a synagogue in Perth were firebombed or sprayed with racist graffiti. Ribeiro's suggestion that interreligious dialogue should be fostered and that such discussions should aim at "emphasizing the similarities among various religions and beliefs rather than their differences. Anti-Ahmadi preachers have delivered a stream of hateful lectures in British mosques, and on television channels, radio stations and online. Odio Benito's excellent study. As the Commission's Special Rapporteur, Dr.

The principles of pluralism and liberal democracy support the right of any citizen to have faith and participate in politics Nor is Pakistan the only country where Ahmadi Muslims face persecution; such prejudice is vehement elsewhere, notably in Indonesia and Algeria. Still, British liberals must pay more attention to the growing problem of anti-Ahmadi prejudice in their own backyards.

Efforts to implement the Declaration, and to formulate an eventual convention, must be guided by an appreciation for the universal nature of the problem. Or think in terms of business: there are the Coke vs.

The last time a similar curfew was imposed was in February when the government announced a ten-day state of emergency in the wake of communal violence between Buddhist nationalists and the Muslim community in Digana and Teldeniya, in the Kandy administrative districts.

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The family had links to Islamic State in Syria. How can we get intolerant adults to be more tolerant? Three more Islamic nations follow. Selective knowledge is another problem.

Religious intolerance is a global constant.

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Religious Intolerance Circles the Globe