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I think by remembering I want the best result possible will make me be able to disagree even when it feels uncomfortable. British Journal of Nursing.

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Cited in Bulman, C. Potentially I would suggest writing the introduction or first section together first, so that we have a reference for when we are writing our own parts.

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However, the thing that made me feel good is that I learned about how significant is the holism. On the top of that, I was a novice assessor handling a dementia patient.

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The ward was very crowded and noisy as most of the patients have visitors beside their bed. I should not have tried to force James to eat. I surely regret it. The American Psychologist, 70 2 , 75— I felt overwhelmed and looked to my mentor to support me. The healing relationship is established deliberately and calls for skillful communication and attention to the clinical relationships Sakallaris et al. You should also find out is there any need for you to get advice on the same issue.

I have done it before and it seems to work well. Wilkinson, J.

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You have to identify your thoughts from that time as well. Description I did a full assessment of a patient who had a sacral pressure sore. Furthermore, you should make sure to add the references to the coursework.

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White, C. Given that a couple of people from the group had to cancel their plans I ended up feeling quite guilty, which actually helped me to work harder in the evening and get the work done faster. In the analysis section, you can do a comparison between your experience and the written work you have read. The Pharmaceutical Journal. Due to the way I felt and having the tedious task of getting James to eat, I may have acted in a way that I would not have, if I had not been tired. Also, I added the rationale for why I chose the particular dressings. Analysis It is the most important section of the assignment. Global Advances in Health and Medicine, 4 3 , 40— Goff, A. Care assistants treated me as a learner. Conclusions In this section you can make conclusions about what happened. I think being aware of groupthink in the future will be helpful in group work, when trying to make decisions. Why were you there? Feelings Here you can explore any feelings or thoughts that you had during the experience and how they may have impacted the experience. A Handbook for Community Nurses.
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Use of Gibbs' Reflective Model