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Alexandra plays the primary role in the novel, even if Cather disputes her status as heroine, because she understands how to work with the land to bring out its riches. It was part of a set as a tribute to pioneers of the silver screen.

However, in areas where the population was slim, the settlers did not have all the advantages that people in the already settled places did Arrogance is an attitude that can describe any individual with overbearing pride.

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He tells his two oldest sons, Lou and Oscar, that he is leaving the farmland, and all of what he has accomplished, to their sister This paper focuses on the feminist thoughts and the positive attitude Willa Cather 's ' O Pioneers!

Cather is aware of this and thus complicates a simple reading of love in the story. She tells Oscar that she wants him and Lou not to have to work so hard and for Emil to go to college.

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James Fenimore Cooper had a remarkably boring, wealthy existence. She walks hungrily through Chicago, her appetite for life never disappointed by the thriving midwestern metropolis Furthermore, the ever-present effects of life's earliest memories and experiences are highlighted repeatedly as the context in which all subsequent experiences will be examined

feminism in o pioneers
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An Analysis of the Central Theme in O Pioneers!, a Novel by Willa Cather