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Left alone, on the scene, Gloucester, Buckingham and Catesby comment upon little York's forward talk, and wonder whether Hastings can be bribed to share their views.

Stung by this taunt, Buckingham boasts he can counterfeit, too, and offers to play the tragedian whenever his friend wishes. Plus, he's pretty much stopped confiding in us.

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This turn of events does not deter King Richard. Buckingham, now Richard's "second self," promises to separate the prince from the queen's kindred. But Richard's still not happy. Nivaagaard Collection. These tidings seem not altogether unwelcome to Richard, who immediately bids Catesby spread the news that his wife Anne is likely soon to die. Olivier's film incorporates a few scenes and speeches from Shakespeare's Henry VI, Part 3 and Cibber's rewrite of Shakespeare's play, but cuts entirely the characters of Queen Margaret and the Duchess of York, and Richard's soliloquy after seeing the ghosts of his victims. He is aided by Buckingham throughout these scenes. He has Buckingham slander the dead Edward, implying that the late king's children are illegitimate and that Edward himself was basely born. The boar is, of course, Richard, whom Stanley dares not designate more openly, although it is quite clear he advises his friend to flee with him northward, and thus 'shun the danger that his soul devines. This news terrifies Elizabeth, who, seeing herself suddenly deprived of the support of her kindred, apprehends the downfall of her house, a dread her mother-in-law shares, for she does not trust her son Richard. Meantime, he intends to clothe his 'naked villany with old odd ends stolen out of holy writ; and seem a saint,' when most he plays the devil. In a London street, a public writer contemplates the paper he has just engrossed, wherein Hastings' crimes are duly set down, commenting that although this nobleman was not arrested when the task was entrusted to him, he is already dead!

On discovering it is midnight, that he is in his tent, and that cold drops stand out all over his body, he confesses, 'my conscience hath a thousand several tongues, and every tongue brings in a several tale, and every tale condemns me for a villain.

Not daring otherwise to impart the terrible news, the Duchess assures them the King will henceforth be their father, whereupon the boy blurts out his uncle Gloucester said the Queen caused his father's death, when he offered to replace his parent.

He has Buckingham slander the dead Edward, implying that the late king's children are illegitimate and that Edward himself was basely born. When the man avers he need not fear shadows, Richard ruefully admits 'shadows to-night have struck more terror to the soul of Richard than can the substance of ten thousand soldiers armed in proof, and led by shallow Richmond.

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Left alone, he questions 'was ever woman in this humour woo'd? In spite of Anne's curses, and her declaration she does not see why the bearers should fear a devil with power over mortal bodies but none over souls, he checks their advance.

Then, in regard to the lords who stood by while her son was slain, she prays 'that none of you may live your natural age, but by some unlook'd accident cut off!

Notes on king richard iii and
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Shakespeare's Richard III Plot Summary