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Percy Shelley never achieved widespread fame during his lifetime. His professors knew him to well, and when they saw it in circulation they immediately recognised the words of its young author. Best to invoke a metaphysical explanation and pre-ordained destiny than face the indifferent realities of biology.

If man need pay tribute to nature and not ether, why continue to to make manipulative men more powerful? Atheism is a necessity to the thinking mind, Shelley concludes. He saw the current state of man as vile and evil; he saw the world as a place continuing on this path of destruction.

The Necessity of Atheism, together with excepts of revolutionary verse. Our pride keeps us believing, our vanity constructed in such a way so that we stiffen before difficulties. At the foot of page 13 is the imprint, "Phillips, Printers, Worthing," and the reverse of the page is blank.

A blank leaf completes the sheet. Humans then started to simplify categories—which is true in light of modern neuroscience as well as the historical evolution from polytheism to monotheism—and imagined a single agent as the source of all of nature.

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He believed that the concept of the C Shelley was not an atheist in any sense. How can humans offend or resist something all-powerful?

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The Necessity of Atheism