Nature vs. nurture language acquisition essays

Therefore, he proposed that a child must have the ability to understand an idea before it can voice it.

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These linguists believe that language is the outcome of nature genes. Two major theories of language acquisition include the behaviorist theory and the innatist theory.

At this stage, the child can develop ideas and express them completely in a language.

Nature vs. nurture language acquisition essays

Nature vs. However, when the rat learned that food arrived after pressing the bar, it adopted a behavior that made the rat press the bar when hungry. After going through the papers, the major ideas supporting each theory were highlighted and the weaknesses mentioned. At this stage, the child can develop ideas and express them completely in a language. The theory that children have an innate capacity for language was created by Noam Chomsky an American linguistic. Children acquire their first language through relating pre-existing notions with language. However, the environmental stimulation, or nurture-inspired perspective will play a more important role than the nature approach does, given a special case of Genie and the experience factor in language acquisition. Empiricism is essentially a theory of knowledge which asserts that all knowledge is derived from sense experience.

At 5 years of age human is expected to have; Articulated speech, Vocabulary of more than words and Observe grammar rules. During this stage, children are more engaged with physical situations and have difficulties paying attention Heo et al.

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Chomsky and his followers claim that language is governed by rules, and is not a haphazard thing, as Skinner and his followers would claim. We find different approaches regarding language acquisition.

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Psychologist B. Together, the theories have contributed a lot to the progress that has been made in understanding the basics of language acquisition and thought development in children. Unlike other species humans possess that innate ability which is genetically coded. However, the debates on what factor plays a bigger role between biological and environmental factors in first language will not die out. Through this training, a link is established by the learner between a behavior and an outcome for that behavior. There are those that would mistakenly argue that it is a matter of heredity which determines morality. Methodology This study focused on analyzing what has been done in the field of first language acquisition.

Furthermore, increased knowledge on language acquisition will assist to improve teaching practices throughout the various grades as the teachers will have the knowledge on how to approach teaching various classes based on the abilities of the children in that class.

The main understanding from this research paper is that both biological and environmental factors have a role to play in first language acquisition and that neither the biological process nor the environmental process can explain language acquisition on their own but when the two are combined, they complement each other and explain language acquisition in a better way Lust, However, Vygotsky believed that language acquisition and other abilities do not end at particular points but are learnt; and once learnt, they are used.

Rene Descartes — Ideas existed within human beings prior to experience.

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This representation is key to the nature vs.

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First Language Acquisition is Acquired through Nature and Nurture