Nature goddess of africa

It is also claimed that Oshun is attracted to all things that glitter and are shiny. Some spirits are helpful, others harmful. A breath of Its Divine Being is within all animate and inanimate things. Ayizan, Nanan is envisioned as an ancient black grandmother, her face covered with palm fronds in honor of the palm trees which she used to create shelter upon earth.

which african god are you

The fifth day was reserved for worshipping the Orisha Nla Chief of the Deitieswho actually created the Earth with the instruction and aid of the Supreme Creator. Mami Wata's colors are red and white. She bore to her husband grasses, bushes and trees.

african goddess of healing

Gleti The moon goddess of Benin. When the Orisha called Obatala formed the first human head upon the face of the earth, it was Olodumare who came down from the great Adobe of the Spiritual Realm, and breathed life into it.

Many cultures associate goddesses with natural phenomena such as fertilitythe harvest, rivers, mountains, animals, and the earth itself.

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Oshun, African Goddess of Love and Sweet Waters