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So trying to be objective we can say that Mr. And Mrs.

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This story shows that first impressions are often misleading and that appearances are sometimes deceptive. The Golden Nugget is a Chinese folktale which tells of two friends who would do anything for each other.

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To force the impression of Mr. Fairy Ointment is about a nurse who goes to a strange house to help a sick woman look after her baby boy.

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A woman whose husband is away working is visited by a traveling swagman. The Devil 'overhears' this and puts the man to the test by helping him get land. Her physical incompatibility with her husband might represent their differences, which cause problems with their marriage. Again, despite having an obvious negative opinion of Mr. A small town barber talks about a dead customer who he says "had a kind heart, but just liked to have fun with people. Kelada's behaviour and the Narrator repeatedly saying that he didn't like Mr. Kelada, despite being a well-travelled man, and apparently cultured , ignores the cultural norms of the narrator and acts in a manner that brings ill feelings upon himself : He acts with ill manners when he doesnt use the term Mister to address the narrator as is expected between two total strangers. She was staring at him with wide and terrified eyes. However, at the end of the story Mr. The Fir Tree is about a tree that grows up never being satisfied with what it looks like or what it is doing. Know All has made becomes all too clear. Lamb to the Slaughter is about a heavily pregnant housewife who finds that her husband is not as happy with their marriage as she is. He gave Mr. The cabin On a boat people live in confined quarters.

But only when we get to know them, we see that each person is different. On the contrary Kelada takes it as a compliment.

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This is in sharp contrast to the description of Mr. A lumber town dies and falls into ruin when there are no more trees to cut down. In the Withaak's Shade is about a South African farmer's unlikely meeting with a leopard as he was lying down under a withaak tree while busily searching for some lost cattle. Ramsey decides to start an argument with Mr. Know - All were in their cabin, an envelope was pushed under the door. Kelada is a Levantine. The mother is so saddened by this that she promises a vendetta against the killer. He stops to eat his own lunch of plain rice, and enjoys it more than ever because he imagines eating it with the curry. Mrs Foster has two major problems: a phobia about being late, and a dominating husband who likes to play cruel jokes on her. Her body language signals disloyalty and guilt. Keladas suitcases tell us that our main character travels a lot, the labels also represent the labels that prejudiced people place on other people for no good reason.

In this case: how fish got into rivers, and why rivers always feel warmer on a cold day.

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