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Remember, projections are difficult to make--especially in a start-up business--so include as much information as possible in this section.

Second, describe your management approach. There is no exact formula for developing your franchise business plan but these key elements are fundamental.

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How long before your location is projected to turn a profit? And the franchising industry is no different.

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Outline how your business will succeed and achieve its goals given the market and competition. These are the main things lenders will be looking for. You'll learn more and you'll understand more about operating a business. A description of the key management roles in the new business, including naming the persons who will fill the roles and providing background information on these people, such as resumes stressing prior experience relevant to success in the new business. We plan to train our crew to ensure outstanding results in quality food and customer service. Outline your management structure and philosophies. We will use our own personal strategies and skills to create our own success in our 4 Moons Pizzeria. Once you have settled on the format of your franchise business, it should be possible to map out the franchise development growth strategy and engage professional advisors to ensure that you keep heading in the right direction in attending to all the detail that will need to be considered, and developed before launching. The process of actually creating a business plan will force you to consider options and formalize your projected course of action in the new business. Remember, projections are difficult to make--especially in a start-up business--so include as much information as possible in this section.

This section involves a complete analysis of all startup costs related to the new business, including sufficient working capital to cover initial marketing plans and operating losses until the projected breakeven point for the business. We will be committed to providing quality food and beverage at all times.

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Begin with a short description of your product or service and list your objectives. Management Summary The next part of your franchise business plan should include a listing of the key members of your management team who will be an integral part in the day to day operations. You'll also find that the UFOC contains much of the information to complete section 5 above and, if the franchisor publishes an earnings claim in Item 19 of the UFOC, you may be well on your way to completing section 4 above as well. Finally, include a section that details your financing needs. Again, one of the advantages of a franchise business , in relation to creating a business plan, is that most of this information is readily available from the franchise company. Most franchisors will also have pro forma financial models prepared that you can use to double check, or even replace, the ones you initially developed for the financial projection section of your business plan. One of the most important exercises to go through in the startup of any business is the creation of a business plan, and this is just as true with franchised businesses as with any other. And if you are looking to secure financing for your new franchise, most lenders will require you to show them a business plan. But there is still work to be done. Business Description The next part of your business plan will be a thorough description of the franchise business. Discuss the value of your products and services and why they offer a unique advantage to your company.

By way of background, there are a number of sections included in a typical business plan, whether franchise or other. Well banks and lenders require one for starters.

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The Franchise Development Business Plan