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Inductively coupled plasma[ edit ] Inductively coupled plasma ion source Inductively coupled plasma ICP sources are used primarily for cation analysis of a wide array of sample types. Lighter ions are going to be more deflected than heavy ones.

The software analyzes lipid mass spectrometric data for characterizing and profiling lipids.

mass spectrometry principles and applications

Thus EI is coupled predominantly with GCi. On the vertical axis is the relative abundance of each ion detected.

Mass spectrometry basics

Suffice it to say that in GC, a very small amount of a liquid sample is vaporized, injected into a long, coiled metal column, and pushed though the column by helium gas. In addition, about 0. The output will look something like in Figure 1. The highest-mass ion in a spectrum is normally considered to be the molecular ion, and lower-mass ions are fragments from the molecular ion, assuming the sample is a single pure compound. The middle slit carries some intermediate voltage. Yes, if you want to: Identify molecules in a mixture Detect impurities in a sample Analyze a purified protein Study the protein content of a sample of cells How Does Mass Spec Work? The lighter they are, the more they are deflected. Components The instrument consists of three major components: Ion Source: For producing gaseous ions from the substance being studied. It not only allows determination of the molecular weight of oligonucleotides, but also in a direct or indirect manner, the determination of their sequences. Want to Know More? The software analyzes lipid mass spectrometric data for characterizing and profiling lipids. First, there is an ionization source, where the molecule is given a positive electrical charge, either by removing an electron or by adding a proton.

Because a compound's MS spectrum is a very reliable and reproducible 'fingerprint', we can instruct the instrument to search an MS database and identify each compound in the sample.

Science, In other words, lighter molecules move quicker than heavier ones. This technique basically studies the effect of ionizing energy on molecules. Process the signals from the detector that are transmitted to the computer and control the instrument using feedback.

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What is Mass Spectrometry?