How to write an introduction for a masters dissertation

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State research aims 1. If your research is more complicated or does not follow a conventional structure, you might need up to a paragraph for each chapter. One common mistake made by students is to justify their research by stating that the topic is interesting to them.

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Instead, you might consider introducing the main focus, explaining why research in your area is important, and the overall importance of the research field. The biggest mistake that students make is simply not including this sub-section. They are often organised numerically or in bullet point form and are terse statements that are clear and identifiable.

If your concluding chapter is unstructured or some sort of ill-disciplined rambling, the person marking your work might be left with the impression that you lacked the appropriate skills for writing or that you lost interest in your own work.

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The abstract usually appears after the title page and the acknowledgements. Its minimal property implies that the network must be a tree…???

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In many cases it will do both. Because of its extensive industrial use, hydrogen fluoride is probably the greatest single atmospheric fluoride contaminant and is generally considered to be the most important plant pathogenic fluoride WHO, ; Treshow, … However, fluorides can cause damage to sensitive plant species even at extremely low fluoride concentrations Hill, , accumulate in large amounts within the plant and cause disease if ingested by herbivores Weinstein, While there has been previous research on British youth attitudes to climate change, none has focused specifically on how they engage with current UK climate policy. Ask a friend to read it for you, and see if they can understand it easily. Including these recommendations as implicit suggestions within other parts of the brief e. What can proofreading do for your paper? In order to achieve this, you need to explicitly tell the reader what makes your research special.
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How to Write a Dissertation Introduction