How to write a spiritual autobiography about yourself

They felt like my community. Often the stories served the needs and purposes of the later communities who produced them, and were written more in light of later events and challenges—such as the brutal Roman war against the Jews in the years around 70 CE—than in light of events actually narrated.

I assume the stated goal of this contest is to hone understanding and over time, further learning. Whether they were necessary, or simply appeared that way, I may never know. God is beyond comprehension but still accessible to me. It provides us with a truer picture of ourselves. While living on the edge of the Pacific, my spiritual practice veered toward meditation and mindfulness, and away from Christian symbols and rituals central to my spiritual life to this point.

Andrews professors with whom I worked were experts in a method of study called social-scientific biblical criticism.

best memoirs of spiritual journey

I felt I had something to prove, and the PhD would be key to proving myself a doomed enterprise, if ever there was one! It felt funny to look at my face in the mirror the next few days — I felt like I looked different.

Years later, inI made the best friend of my life at the abbey, a near year-old monk named Brother Martin, who I will introduce later. His perspective was constantly skewed toward love and compassion.

Everything I do and every role I play mom, wife, daughter, sister, pastor, writer, teacher, lawyer relates back to my relationship with God.

Give yourself a realistic time-line for completing the autobiography.

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How to Write a Spiritual Autobiography