How to improve communication between home

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Plan to communicate frequently—and leave plenty of room for questions. Also make sure to communicate often! You might also write short articles about discipline in your school newsletter.

School to home communication templates

For example, Matt Miller, principal of Roundtown Elementary in York, Pennsylvania, holds coffees where he and parents converse about aspects of school discipline. Just as we teach educators in our training workshops, communicate with parents in a common language that engages the parents and, in turn, benefits the teachers and students in the classroom. It would be really tough for them to leave their jobs in the middle of the afternoon. Consider other strategies you may want to use to welcome families. They want to be engaged but need the right resources to know how to help their children. I can receive and respond to information anytime and anywhere. Of course, also in this context, talk about the importance of a strong communication link between school and families. Though some of my colleagues seemed to figure it out, I was never able to stick with a schedule or zero in on what I really wanted parents to know. Ask follow-up questions. Every fall, my instructional practices and classroom-management skills grew, but by winter break, I'd be forced to admit that I never established an effective strategy for communicating with parents. Did you send translated letters home? Share answers as a whole class. Make parents your partners. Whenever you meet with parents, aim to listen more than you talk, and advise teachers to do the same.

Sharing his thoughts with you helps your child calm down, so later he can listen to you. Praise your child whenever you can.

How to improve communication between home

Ask your child about his feelings on a subject. Each chapter of Responsive School Discipline: Essentials for Elementary School Leaders targets one key discipline issue and starts with a checklist of action steps.

Fill out this form to get free information on courses, admissions and financial aid from your personal advisor. She has both blogged and spoken about various family engagement topics.

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And be sure not to minimize these feelings by saying things like, "It's silly to feel that way," or "You'll understand when you get older. Not only does that meet the funding eligibility criteria, but you will see greater participation and future engagement from these parents if you engage them in their native language.

Communication is no longer limited to the paper newsletter in the backpack, a website, and the occasional conference. One size does not fit all when it comes to parent-teacher communication, in elementary school and otherwise.

Teachers might introduce themselves and invite parents to share a few insights about their child.

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Effective communication between home and school