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At the core of the Harry Potter series, is the fight between Harry and Voldemort—Harry representing love, hope, and friendship, and Voldemort representing hatred, greed, and intolerance. The good is purely good and the evil is purely evil. In reality, evil only comes about through the corruption of the good. True, they get some competition from wizarding bullies, who like to intersperse insults with, you know, spells. The strange controversy surrounding the Harry Potter books was caused by conservatives, even though the works are clearly didactic and moralistic and preach against the evil use of magic. The Sorting Hat divides the eleven-year-old entrants into various houses. It takes place in the heart, not in the outside world. Christian motifs in the Harry Potter series The fight between the opposites good and evil is one of the oldest topics of mankind. From the moment of entry into Hogwarts, every one is fixed in place. Chart comparing good and evil characters Ministry decrees against mudbloods. This paper presents an analysis of how good and evil are portrayed and presented in the Harry Potter series.

No one is one hundred percent good or evil, we all have both inside of us, but it depends on which urges we choose to act on. For Snape, when he was young he had good intentions, but then he began associating with the wrong people.

Luckily, there are examples of goodness flooding Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, ranging from Harry's parents, whose love extends beyond the grave, to sweet awkward Neville, who sides with his friends no matter what. Voldemort is pure evil, acts only to fulfill is own selfish needs, and spreads terror throughout the wizarding community.

morality in harry potter

She plays a number of sports and is really interested in science, particularly genetics. Only when evil exhausts its resources and expends all the life force that was invested in its acts of pure destruction, can the universe rid itself of its malign influence.

Meaning if one of your parents was a wizard but the other was not and you still were a wizard, you were tainted according to Voldemort and should be stripped of your magic ability.

Comment on this Article. The good is merely maintaining the status quo, and keeping the evil, in the guise of Lord Voldemort, from gaining a foothold. Although Dumbledore tells Harry that it is a person's choices that tell us who he really is, Harry's selection of Gryffindor can hardly be called a choice. Moreover, decisions regarding the investment of this Divine force are effective and binding. However, scattered within all his glory are moments of anger, destruction and an attitude that he will get what he wants. However, the Harry Potter books are so much more than that. Rowling packed them tight with truly difficult philosophical questions. This had a large impact on parents, especially in the United States of America.

On the contrary, to insure that it has an even chance to present us with free will choices, God made evil attractive, giving it tremendous sex appeal.

Throughout the story the Dark Lord Voldemort gains more and more power and tries to kill Harry several times.

Everyone who lives on milk is not used to the word of righteousness, because they are babies. Although the Harry Potter books are filled with sequences of battles, touching moments of friendship, and even heart break, J. The Harry Potter books have a broader universal appeal than any other series that I can think of.

Throughout his life, the plucky and adventurous young wizard Harry Potter has been pitted against Lord Voldemort, a rogue wizard determined to kill him; in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, their combat intensifies as Voldemort returns to the Wizarding world and begins to gather his army.

Harry believes in the good of his mother who sacrificed herself to protect him, in the good of his friends who risk their lives to help him, and in the good of countless others in his life who do whatever they can to help him find his way in this wizarding world.

ethical dilemmas in harry potter

Curiously, believing in evil sometimes seems much easier than believing in good.

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Can we ever truly make a distinction between good and evil? (Harry Potter)