Fun easy science fair projects

Use electrolysis to prove that water really is made up of hydrogen and oxygen.

science fair ideas for 6th graders

Construct solar-powered desalination devices with readily available materials, and find the most effective desalination methods. A student water testing kit opens up limitless options for 8th grade science experiments.

Learn more: Steve Spangler Science Kids can use liquids such as baking soda with water, orange juice, toothpaste, lemon juice and dish soap.

science projects

This experiment challenges that notion by interleaving multiple pieces of paper and testing their strength. So how about an experiment that keeps apples from turning brown?

This is the kind of project that really makes you feel like a scientist. This experiment helps kids test the quickest way to cool a can. You know what will happen, but seeing your kids experience the results for the first time is a whole lot of fun!

Science fairs provide an amazing experience for kids to really dive into science and celebrate it, as well as learning something new about the world.

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