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In the quote he is also saying that he was far beyond excited when he first started his project but once he finished it he was disappointed with the work he had done and immediately went to his edroom and laid their unable to fall asleep because of the thoughts of the monster he had just created.

By this Victor is saying how his memorable day was the day he finally finished creating the monster and he realized from that point on that he will be judged from that point on because of his creation.

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In this example Walton depicts his trip to the pole as a great adventure, and is clearly excited by the prospects of finding a beautiful place where the sun shines all day long. Frankenstein is continually ruled by his feelings of fear, guilt, and love throughout the novel.

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After more and more horrible events occur, Frankenstein is not able to draw consolation from nature anymore. This can characterize Victor as an egocentric and selfish person because he only is thinking about himself and how poorly the monster will make him look and plans to kill the monster before anyone really finds out about what he has done. Whenever he feels his deed press on his conscience and his mood darkens, nature has the power to lift his spirits again. Frankenstein and his monster. A bright scientist decides to interfere in the plans of nature and nature represented by the creature severely punishes him for that. The reasons for the creation of the monster lie within Frankenstein 's own familial relationships, especially with the grief he experienced at the loss of his mother. The monster, however, completely lacks a childhood. Encountering other human beings reflects upon ones perception and brings about ones self decisions. Frankenstein is a classic which recounts the life and horrors of Victor Frankenstein, as told through a series of letters and narrations. Victor was raised in a very caring and loving home. When the creature came to life, he was a hideously ugly beast. Visitors can learn about the women like Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole, who pioneered new nursing techniques and paved the way for the first female doctors, and see first editions of the Sherlock Holmes stories whose author, Arthur Conan Doyle, also trained as a doctor before turning his hand to writing fiction. The interaction of humanity and nature is a concept explored throughout the novel, relating directly to a core tenet of ecocriticism, "directly relat[ing] who we are as human beings to the environment" Bressler

In his language it becomes clear that he has not really matured and therefore is still in this state of easy excitement that only a child can feel. Gender criticism depends on the distinction, or the lack thereof, between constructed dichotomies in society; It focuses on both perceived and inherent In the novel, Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein pursues knowledge in an obsessive manner that blinds him to the possible effects.

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Nature clearly has a similar effect upon the monster as upon Frankenstein. He despairs and cannot take joy in anything anymore. The demonstrations of cold-bloodedness were submitted by Victor Frankenstein and his creation. I will start this essay by looking at chapter 5. But did he really "play God" or did he merely unleash his own id and destroy himself Many people are attracted to compassion and sympathy through the love of a person whom cares very deeply about them. When young, Frankenstein witnessed the terrible power of a lightning bolt during a thunderstorm 26 , which instantly awakened his curiosity. In what way does Viktor Frankenstein oppose himself to the Creator? Shelley whore an outstandingly deep book and a serious message to the reader. I had worked hard for nearly two years, for the sole purpose of infusing life into an inanimate body.

He at first thought he would be helping the world by creating a new life but then soon realized it was the worst possible thing he could have done because it did nothing but bring pain and suffering to himself and the people around him.

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