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After months of war and wrangles, the war came to an end after the signing of the Treaty of Paris on the 10th of December in During this time period Spain had control over several territories within the Caribbean because they were still a colonial power. America intervened in the situation in Cuba as a result. They saw war with Spain as a quick way to prove supremacy and saw plenty of benefits. It was the war that secured the US as the most powerful country in the world. For those engaged in serious literary circles, the period was full of upheaval. The war started a new beginning for three nations, the United States, Cuba and Spain. As a result, the Treaty of Paris was signed and put into action, Cuba was given its independence, and Spain lost a vast majority of its power. The Civil war is considered a terrible time period for medical equipment as well as surgeons. These are the conditions that the rough riders, buffalo soldiers, and american army had to overcome at most times to end up victors of the Spanish American War. When I first walked in I noticed that everything looked a bit old like I had just traveled back in time. Ever since, the main debate has been the status of the Puerto Rican territory.

However, at this period in time, the U. The first long term cause was the Wilson Gordon Tariff. Crosby, who is as much as a researcher as she is an author.

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A good example of the fickle nature alliances can be seen in the relationship between England and the Spanish-Hapsburg Empire, which was an alliance formed by King Henry VII and Ferdinand of Aragon under the premise th The immediate cause of the Spanish-American war was the sinking of the U.

As a result of the Spanish-American war the United States emerged as a world power. The first battle was at Palo Alto, a fort that was in the disputed zone. Pike, is mainly about as the title suggests, Hispanismo. The Spanish American War was not necessarily the right thing to do, but in the end the war was worth it because of the land, partnerships, and power America gained as country because Effects Of Spanish American War On U.

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The fight itself was between quite a few groups, which include: Republicans, Second Spanish Republic, the Nationalists, and a few other small parties. The Spanish language was imposed upon the inhabitants of the island, the Tainos, in the sixteenth century, when the Spanish inhabited the island in , after the Spanish conquerors claimed the island in the name of Spain in Even after having to send their own troops out to help collect all the riches from across the Incan empire, eventually his men returned with a staggering load of riches. World War I ended with American democratic ideals to be spread all across Europe. Despite its noble concept the US was seen as an imperial power and the US was greedy. They saw war with Spain as a quick way to prove supremacy and saw plenty of benefits. Soon Spain no longer held its position as one of the strongest and more powerful colonized nations in the world. Long story short, the Nationalists continued to capture much of Spain over the course of the years. The United States was struggling politically and economically. It was considered to be the most strategic location in America, but was sold away to the British by Benedict Arnold, a notorious traitor The Spanish colonies of Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines, as well as the formerly independent nation of Hawaii, became American possessions. Industrialization had increased productivity, and foreign markets were now essential.

Pan-American Union Was an organization of American nations that was created to provide information of the other countries and to offer cooperation and support among the American Nations.

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