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As already pointed out that under Art 12 of the constitution the President has power to promulgate an ordinance when the Parliament is not in session but he is to act on the advice of the Prime Minister in this regard.

As a Prime Minister I would work to bring about communal harmony in the country.

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Then came John Major inand lost the vote in Charles Hauss 41 Organized government is essential to avoid chaos and anarchy. The size of the Cabinet depends on the Prime Minister, but it usually has around 20 members. This is a quote from a famous cartoon character Dr.

Sir Robert Walpole, while universally recognized as the first prime minister of Britain, did not actually hold the title.

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That also again perhaps was because the President himself wanted to have some personal image in the public. Corruption in any form will be dealt with in the strictest manner and corrupt persons will be awarded deterrent punishment.

On the other hand, Canada does not have a president and is instead led by a prime minister. Thus, during his time there has been no government and party conflict.

It is also exclusively the prerogative of the Prime Minister to decide to whom what portfolio is to be given. The impact of the constitutional changes of with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and if it improved or eroded the quality of Canadian democracy will also be explained and in this paper The President again used his discretion in when he invited the leader of the second largest party, V.

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