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Firstly, the legislative measures against the pollution of air, soil, water and the legislative regulations for carbon emissions, climate agreements, mandatory recycling and using of renewable energy Excited to finally put my beliefs into action, I stayed up until three in the morning the night before scouring my house for used cardboard to turn into picket signs.

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Herders from all over the village brought their own animals onto the commons to graze. Greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide and methane, trap heat in the atmosphere. In medieval Europe, the inhabitants of a village shared a pasture land, called the commons.

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Hurricanes cause destruction to human life, but, we are often quick to neglect each other, let alone local wild life. As opposed to naturally occurring deserts, anthropogenic desertification is a human process caused by land use e. I have already discussed global health issues during the Week Seven assignments, so I will focus on the consequences of environmental damage, how it could affect humans negatively, and what could be done to improve our current situation. Another approach is water privatization ; despite its economic and cultural effects, service quality and overall quality of the water can be more easily controlled and distributed. The report will be covering elements such as what we mean by globalization as a phenomenon of changes. Insignificant decisions suddenly became of utmost importance to make sure I was the most prepared I could be, as I debated between whether a blue or a red marker would best communicate my stance against the massive environmental destruction of fracking and whether a shirt or a sweater would best present myself as an advocate for environmentalism Its under the top ten threats in the united nations panel. The overall quantity and quality of water can be controlled despite the impacts of economy and culture. The degradation of their surrounding lands has either pushed them out of their homes, made their people sick, or more susceptible to disease. Avocation of organization that defend and strengthen the Endangered Species Act, hold federal agencies and other accountable for their actions, advocate for private reservation with lack of funding, protect and restore habitats, and reduce threat to wild life Nature was created to help people survive from gathering foods until build a house. If improvements are being made to enhance human health millions of people will dwell a longer and a healthier life. An environment is a unique unit and incorporates all the living and non-living components that live inside it.

Effects of Environmental Degradation 1. The answer to that question is time The smoke that is emitted into the atmosphere holds detrimental gases such as carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide. Without immediate and future concern for the ways humans treat the planet and surrounding atmosphere, humans could be the creators of their own destruction.

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I also give a description of the destruction of the rainforest, and how a person can help to save the rainforest. Overpopulation is more than just a crowded planet. If the population continues to grow at rapid rates our planet, environment, civilization, and even humanity will suffer due to over consumption, pollution, and destruction causing depletion and possibly even extinction. Archaeological evidence has proven that the earliest humans were able to occupy and control every terrestrial ecosystem on the planet. Ozone Layer Depletion: Ozone layer is responsible for protecting earth from harmful ultraviolet rays. I find it very interesting how a creature so tiny in stature, can have such devastating impacts. Governments in these developing countries are vastly corrupted and are the reason behind such a suppressed population of people that seem to have no understanding of their basic human rights. Trade routes started for the exchange of a particular good such as the spice trade. While environmental degradation is most normally connected with the things that people do, the truth of the matter is that the environment is always changing. Reflective :1 Environmental degradation Any type of activities which alters the systems of the environment and he disturbances caused to air,water,soil and the eco systems is known as environmental degradation. Sustainable development and environmental protection have established contact, not the same. It was the infamous environmental buzz word of the nineties, notorious for its criticism and praise by developers It can be seen through the massive loss of coastal wetlands thus destroying habitat for fish populations.

If we are not careful, we can contribute to the environmental degradation that is occurring all around the world. It gets to be more troublesome for the wildlife to get the assets they need in order to survive. The high levels of pollution in the atmosphere form layers that are eventually absorbed into the atmosphere.

Until very recently, the evolution of economics was slow; little changed for tens of thousands of years

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