Development india after independence essays

Scientists have discovered a new planet, a star, etc. Last but not the least was the domestic social problems of unemployment, illiteracy, Self-sufficiency, poverty, poor health, communal disharmony etc which were all to be dealt with the same urgency.

There were no proper roads, electricity and tube wells. But in India, continuance of the Congress rule with no threat of its replacement gave rise to, what came to be known as one-party dominant system. Other Maharajas tried to form independent States.

We have even partly achieved the set targets. Yes, India has done progress, but still the disease of discrimination between male and female still exits.

Development india after independence essays

The American Independence Movement during the mids is considered as the first assertion of right of self-determination. The new policy aimed at the dismantling of controls over the economy with the state yielding to market economy. India had fought alongside their British rulers during World War I in hopes it would gain them independence, however this hope was not fulfilled and the Indian colony began to rebel with nationalist movements. The other most important thing was to establish a Democratic set up of Government in the country which at that time was felt almost impossible with diversified nature of India. To abolish or eliminate this menace from our Indian society, integrated efforts are required. Related posts:. Remember that case of a girl who was just about to get married, her in-laws demanded dowry on the verge. The emerging challenges, at home and globally, should make us firm in our resolve to be united and to be cooperative". When we look back, can we feel happy?

As our Country has attained its 63 years of Independence, we must consider what the prime ministers starting from Jawaharlal Nehru to Dr. Several experts have given their views to tackle the above said challenges.

india before and after independence essay

Annual reports of ministries are made public thus can act as a measure of their functioning. It led to a reaction amongst the majority group of Hindus. The idea of self-determination in the modern-era is in fact the product of the concept of political sovereignty as developed after the Treaty of Westphalia.

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It is a sense of pride for India to have a Women president for the country at it's 60 years anniversary, which Many countries including developed one's have not yet reached this dignity of having women as their rulers. The Planning Commission was set up in

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Essay on India After Independence