Corporate governace role of borad of directors essay

Shadow directors In many circumstances, the law applies not only to a director, but to a 'shadow director'. What to do next Thank you for your interest in Brefi Group. Jebb cited in Ahwireng-Obeng, Mariano and Viedge suggests that it is a better strategy to hire non-executive directors who have experience in similar as well as other sectors and situations that the company is likely to face than search for a particular expertise in a director As for removal, articles usually empower the board to remove the chairman from office at any time.

There is need for improvement on the issues of corporate governance in all corners of the economy if real economic growth is to be realized.

The standard practice is for the executive director to have an appointment letter, rather than a contract of employment, and to be paid an agreed fee for services rendered. The act, which became law in Julylays down stringent procedures regarding the accuracy and reliability of corporate disclosures, places restrictions on auditors providing nonaudit services, and obliges top executives to verify their accounts personally.

The chief executive is responsible for the day-to-day management of the company and carries out the decisions of the board. Bibliography: William G.

The combined code states that, in order to qualify as an independent nonexecutive director, an individual must be free of any connections that might lead to conflicts of interest.

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Ensure that internal controls are effective.

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Essay on Corporate Governance