Automobile and private cars essay

Top 10 benefits of having a car

You can read books, listen to music or even can play with kids while you are in your own car but those all seems to be impossible in a public transport. Owning a car can also bring some drawbacks. However, some people are blaming a car for the number of issue like death, air pollution, traffic jam and so on. After long and difficult old ages of English survey. So education must fit pupils for universe apprehension and universe citizenery. On the contrary, owning a car is very expensive. Early in the forenoon we took a coach to town. If for some reason that a person misses an important appointment cause by the delay of bus, he will probably not use it anymore. Today the school is a really complicated organisation ; the instructor is no longer the exclusive supreme authority.

The more humans use more private cars, the more car companies have to raise their technology, leading other mother industries to be developed too. Advantages of having a car: The private car is a convenient mode of transportation.

disadvantages of cars

In conclusion, a rise in the number of private cars leads to several problems. You can read books, listen to music or even can play with kids while you are in your own car but those all seems to be impossible in a public transport.

In a car, a person does not have to worry about the dust, noise and fumes present in the road while in public transportation it is not always possible to avoid those.

Importance of vehicles

Taking everything into consideration, education and investment in the development of the reliability of services will encourage people to shift from car travel to public transport. Cars have increased the level of air and noise pollution in cities, causing more humans to suffer from respiratory, heart diseases, or cancers. The constant buzz of traffic may cause a permanent harm to the ear. For me a good book is non merely a true comrade but besides a well-experienced instructor steering me through my life. Chateaubriand and Lamartine. If people choose to not drive in short distance, city would be free of traffic congestion. Many people might argue against owning a car but I think most of them would buy a car if their financial condition allows them to do so. I ever found drive is so exciting. Its current inadequacy in speed, frequency and punctuality is the principal deterrent to its use. It has the miracle to alleviate my agony and my adversity and reveal to me unusual and new skylines. My male parent was non merely a author but a research worker every bit good. However owning a car have many advantages and disadvantages as well.

Note: This essay topic is a bit tricky. Examinations must non be used to demo failing but must be a yardstick for turn outing the all-around instruction of the pupil.

advantages and disadvantages of car travel

Nowadays with the enhanced number of cars on the road there are more traffic jams causing long delays.

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Public Transport and Private Car Essay