An introduction to the culture and geography of the country mauritania

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Embassy of Mauritania. Though proselytizing is not legally prohibited, it is discouraged, particularly through restrictions on the publishing and distribution of materials that contradict or threaten the tenets of Islam.

The lines were drawn between the Maurs or Moors—aristocrats who have dominated government—and black African slaves or descendents of slaves, who have adopted Moorish culture, but remain second-class citizens on the other.

An introduction to the culture and geography of the country mauritania

Goodsmith, Lauren. The elections effected the final transfer from military to civilian rule following the military coup in Clan members interact by sharing land and engaging in interclan marriage. A Frenchman, Xavier Coppolani, was responsible for the signing of many treaties, and played a key role in the extension of French influence in the area.

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Morocco's action drew condemnation from across the world. The tea is served by younger persons, women, and slaves. However, the election was marked by fraud. Etiquette The upper castes give, and the lower castes serve and obey. The Codes of Civil and Criminal Procedure were revised in to bring them into line with the guarantees of the constitution, which provides for due process of law. He was ousted in a bloodless coup on 10 July The French occupied the country in in close cooperation with Maur religious leaders. After lunch and dinner, it is customary to drink small glasses of green tea with sugar and mint. The leader of the junta, Col. The name of the country is derived from the Latin Mauretania, meaning "west," which corresponds to the Arab name of North Africa, Maghreb. The expansion of domestic herds onto grazing land formerly restricted to wildlife has also taken a serious toll on the environment, both in erosion and in encroachment on wildlife species.
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Mauritania Overview: History