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Smooth talking sales people, corrupt politicians, and a legal system that favored the capitalistic establishment all seemed to work together to disenfranchise the immigrant population at every opportunity.

So Sinclair found some solace in books, Sinclair was a natural writer and he began publishing at the young age of fifteen years old.

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The working class was contrasted to wealthy and powerful individuals who controlled numerous industries and activities in the community. When he recovers, he is unable to find a job and is forced to beg on the streets. Jurgis pulls himself together for the sake of Antanas and gets a job. Department of Agriculture inspect all livestock before slaughter. Sinclair continues to use Jurgis for the focus of the narrative and often as a mouthpiece, but in doing so Jurgis character begins to turn two-dimensional. At first, Jurgis is happy with his job and America, but he soon learns that America is plagued by corruption, dishonesty, and bribery. The corrupt politicians of that day were too ingratiated to this elite group and most likely would have been put into play to assist with putting down what would be considered at best a social rebellion. This means they will never recieve the education they need to rise above this. Learning about the visit, owners had their workers thoroughly clean the factories prior to the inspection, but Neill and Reynolds were still revolted by the conditions. He was best known for publishing The Jungle which uncovered the atrocities of the meat packing industry. Many of them died on the trip. When he finds them, he discovers Ona prematurely in labour.

Jurgis learns about the connections between criminals, police, politics, and big business. The third challenge faced by new immigrants was acquiring and then keeping steady work.

But as he himself became disenchanted with the Republican party and embraced the Progressive movement, so he came to hail their contributions and muck-raker became a term of endearment in praise of dogged, investigative journalism.

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They are put into school. Start Your Free Trial Today Jurgis abandons the rest of the family and wanders the countryside for a while, returning to Chicago the next winter to live on his own.

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The book was originally written with the intent of showing Socialism as a better option than Capitalism for the society. The final insult to the workers was that even if they were always on time, worked hard and maintained their health they could lose their job due to the plant shutting down due to a decline in demand for that particular product. Before the year was out the Meat Inspection Act was passed, authorising the secretary of agriculture to inspect meat and condemn any found unfit for human consumption. But when they reached the town, a stockyard called Packingtown where Meat Packing Plants were, it shows just how much advantage was taken of all these immigrants. When Jurgis left Packingtown, he lived by thievery, selfishness, and bribery. When he went to shake the hands of his congregation at the end of the service, he noticed their grips were not as firm as they might have been. The foreigners that fled to the United States were in search of new lives; better lives. Not once does the book mention the possibility of failure. Those publishers who discarded the manuscript had underestimated not only the potential breadth of its appeal, but the political and journalistic context that made that breadth possible. Finally, as Sinclair concludes his novel, we find Jurgis again at a Socialist meeting. America was at the age of industrialization, and the economy was shifting from agriculture to factories. The president wrote "radical action must be taken to do away with the efforts of arrogant and selfish greed on the part of the capitalist.

In jail, he meets Jack Duane, an experienced criminal.

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Essay An Analysis Of The Jungle By Upton Sinclair