An analysis of the international court of justice

functions of international court of justice in points

Yotova, R. Abstract: States have a significant influence on the selection of judges to international courts.

International court of justice history

Becker, M. A few days after the request has been filed, the Court draws up a list of the States and international organizations that are likely to be able to furnish information on the question before the Court. It illustrates the ever more autonomous and self-confident stance of domestic courts on the international plane. We question the practicability of this statement and examine whether the voting pattern of the judges are biased. The only non-governmental international organizations that has ever been authorized by the ICJ to furnish information did not in the end do so International Status of South West Africa. Ma, X. The Court discharges its duties as a full court but, at the request of the parties, it may also establish ad hoc chambers to examine specific cases. The sources of law that the Court must apply are: international treaties and conventions in force; international custom; the general principles of law; judicial decisions; and the teachings of the most highly qualified publicists. Yes, I just used war and diplomacy on the same line.

Commentators and several dissenting judges have stressed that the judgments represent a landmark in the sense that the Court has radically Therefore, the court awarded an amount of USD 85, regarding the detention and expulsion of Mr.

In proceedings before the court, written and oral arguments are presented, and the court may hear witnesses and appoint commissions of experts to make investigations and reports when necessary.

While the majority of the Court's critcisms center on its role as an Open Access publications, Young, M. Further, in the judgment by the ICJ on 19 Junethe court observed that Guinea was not able to substantiate their claims with proof regarding the loss of tangible and intangible assets due to the expulsion.

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How the Court Works