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Below are the thoughts of some of our customers in their own words: Class went well — Jeff was a great instructor. Have you ever tried to create a computer network unsuccessfully? Any international study will show that this is more important.

In an interview with the Guardian ahead of its Digital literacy campaignthe Conservative minister for culture, communications and the creative industry said computer skills were "the grammar of the 21st century".

Ann Arbor, MI Jennifer did a fine job of keeping the group on time and on schedule. San Antonio, TX The Instructor made class truly interesting and put everything into real world terms.

Fremont, CA We will likely also reach out to you for requests for more classes. Pittsburg, PA Well Done! However — despite his comments about computing skills being as important as grammar — Vaizey told the Guardian that it remained an "open question" whether computer science should become compulsory in schools.

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Have you ever tried to use different versions and types of computer operating systems? We can rise to this challenge," he said.

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She was a great trainer and many stressed to me how well they liked her.

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Computer skills are the grammar of the 21st century, says Ed Vaizey