A look into douglas brown description of teaching as facilitation of learning

We have to approach to our students and invest time finding out their interests, motives, emotions, likes and dislikes. Jairo is one of the most advanced students of that group in fact from the school and, when the activity took place almost a year ago, he borrowed his sweater to be part of a set of garments which were used in the activity.

In secondary English is just another subject matter. Some bigger students like to bother some shy students or laugh when they are taking the risk to participate.

teaching by principles

Cons 1. Here the importance of not being a cold and distant teacher. Progressivism holds that active learning is more effective than passive learning; [5] consequently, as this idea gained traction, in schools there was a general shift towards using techniques where students were more actively involved, such as group work.

If some previous practice is not held, students only work for rewards.

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7 Roles of a Teacher in the 21st Century