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For help with this, be sure to look at the , Death of a Salesman, for similar themes. Introduction Workshop The introduction is the set up for your whole paper! Analyst Karen Bovard looks at the more general scale -- the varying representations of the male and female characters. It acts as a roadmap for your reader, letting them know the organization of your essay. Where does my thesis statement go in my essay? Why have a thesis statement? Discuss the changes that Reverend Hale undergoes in the course of the play. Abigail Williams and John Proctor become ensnared in a tale of guilt, false accusations and condemnations in Arthur Miller's play, "The Crucible. Whether the paper is due in a week or in a day, a professional writer from Thesis Experts.

Thesis Statement Workshop: What is a thesis statement? First piece of Evidence a quote from The Crucible 4. Summarize any plot events you need to one or two sentences—no more! This curious form of an introduction might, in fact, be the most important part of the play, for it explains the symbolic motivations that created the conditions that made the witch hunt possible, and, as Miller argues, such a witch hunt is not necessarily a relic of history.

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Second piece of Evidence a quote from The Crucible 6. These strategies can all work—try them out! Since he lacks the malicious motivations and obsessions that plague the other instigators of the trials, Reverend Hale has the ability to change his position, yet he finds himself caught up in the hysteria he has helped to create. If you do not agree that The Crucible is a tragedy, or if you feel that it is a hybrid, then defend your position with evidence drawn directly from the text. This relates strongly to the political climate of the early s in which Miller wrote The Crucible. If you agree that The Crucible is a cautionary tale, identify what it cautions the reader against, and how it suggests that society avert or prevent such a fate. Abigail Williams and John Proctor become ensnared in a tale of guilt, false accusations and condemnations in Arthur Miller's play, "The Crucible. Your essay must provide an insightful thesis , with thorough explanation. Select one or more characters they can be powerful or powerless and examine the ways in which the exercise their agency and authority or, in the case of someone powerless, struggle against their powerless position. Introduction components: 1. Furthermore, the Puritan religious ethic permeated all aspects of society, promoting safeguards against immorality at any cost to personal privacy or justice.

It is this paradox that Miller used to create a major theme of The Crucible. T ell a story U se a quote P resent a fact A sk a question C ause a stir 2.

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Indeed, Hale is perhaps the most complex character in The Crucible. In conclusion, over the course of the play, The Crucible utilizes Reverend Hale in a profound way. Your thesis statement will be the last line of your introduction.

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Yet, while Hale attempts to be a thinker who depends on the virtues of the Bible, he does not really have a real grasp as an enlightened thinker because, ultimately, he shifts like a politico in almost everyway.

Correct MLA page setup and formatting Yes No Clearly stated thesis Essay includes an intro, body, and concluding paragraph s Body paragraphs contain evidence from the text All in-text citations are included and are formatted according to MLA guidelines We will have some time in class dedicated to working on these, but you will not be able to finish the whole essay during class time.

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Analysis Sentences-two or more sentences of clearly and insightfully explaining how your quote proves the topic of your paragraph 5.

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The Crucible and Thesis Statement