A discussion on the impact of the poetry of robert frost and emily dickinson on american poetry

Compare and contrast emily dickinson and robert frost as a poet

Concluding Remarks References 1. Charles Wadsworth, Otis Lord and her nephew Gilbert affected her mind deeply[7]. The analogy between man and nature appears operative, but the reciprocal relation is negative rather than positive; pluralistic rather than monistic; fragmented in its stress on aloneness rather than unified; deadly rather than life-supporting. This sense is akin to if not identical with Emerson's discovery, made "too late to be helped. That being the case it is this unanswered question, which worries us, what comes after death and if there will be some kind of reunion with all our beloved, lost friends and relatives in heaven. The third stanza asserts that the "blanker whiteness" had "nothing to express," though the deadly heavy pall of nothingness was itself a very considerable thing for the "blanker whiteness" to have expressed; and were it not for that very effective expression, the poem would have had no subject. Frankfurt am Main: Lang, The implied rebirth in the necessary melting of the snow and the reemergence of the field as a real thing is an unassimilated lump of hope, working for the moment in stubborn defiance of the tone and meaning of the poem as it stands at this point. When Dickinson finds the sacraments of the formal church empty and distant from her own experience, she moves away from these constraints in poetry [ Waggoner observed, Frost also upheld T. Kennedy in , Frost was given the unprecedented honor of being asked to read a poem. Besides, today there are some apparatuses, which may get back the apparently dead person into life, like the defibrillation apparatus for instance.

What Frost realizes at the beginning of the last stanza is that nature's empty spaces are truly empty—not only of matter, but of meaning and that it is only meaning that can scare.

We are not conscious about being something else than living and therefore the limitation of our mind does not allow us to explore what may come after death, even if we all are interested in this question, for the reason that we all have to die one day.

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Death is composed of two contradictory factors: certainty about death, in the way that everyone has to die one day, and uncertainty, regarding to time, place and manner of death and furthermore humans are uncertain about what comes after death.

Most of my ideas occur in verse.

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Von Frank: On "Desert Places" The poet sees the snow and the night descending together, black and white, working together to muffle sensation and obliterate perception; yet they work against each other, paradoxically, to heighten perception. Different views on death, expressed through the sub-divisions of death into death of the self and the other, show strengthened her ambition to explore death.

For Frost thus far in the poem the persona exists negatively, just as the field may be said to exist negatively.

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This man has the good sense to speak naturally and to paint the thing, the thing as he sees it.

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A Comparison of the Poetry of Emily Dickinson and Robert