5th grade writing activities for earth day

Let us know in the comments! The challenge is to make their farm as successful as possible. Search overresources in PBS Learning Media to find exactly what you need for your classroom. It lets students manage a plot of farmland.

Here are my go-to Earth Day read alouds these are Amazon affiliate links, if you wish to purchase through the links provided : The Tree Lady by Hopkins and McElmurry Both of these read alouds focus on one person and the impact that person had on the environment.

Along with the read alouds, I like to review a few reading skills. This video includes historical photos of the first Earth Day that show the beginning of the U. Another option is to give them one bag and have them sort the trash once they return to the classroom, but I like the handling of the trash to be kept to a minimum.

Students learn why some sources of energy are running low and how energy can be converted into useful forms. Earth Day Activity 2: Clean Up the Playground Materials: Two trash bags per student or per group of students Gloves — one pair per student Directions: Review what can and cannot be recycled with the students.

Snapshot of U. The pictures on the front of the flaps will help them brainstorm ways to be more Earth-friendly at home.

earth day activities for 2nd grade

Earth Day Activities 1—12 In this art activity, students learn how to take their ideas from paper to reality.

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12 Meaningful Earth Day Activities for Every Grade Level